Friday, November 05, 2004

Intellectual property (IP)

It's really pathetic that Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, sent out e-mails to their customers as a marketing tactic to scare them away from switching to Linux and open source software by making false claims and specifically lying about Intellectual property (IP). Microsoft is being sued again for more IP infringements by many companies including Eolas Technology, realnetworks,, etc. etc.

Microsoft estimates it will incur additional expenses of up to $950 million for remaining antitrust claims—a strong hint that settlement talks with RealNetworks and have started—but that figure does not include a $521 million patent infringement verdict won by Eolas for technology used in the Internet Explorer browser.

Full details about this report are available in the following link:,1759,1721109,00.asp

IP lawsuits are mounting against PROPRIETARY Vendors and NOT on open source vendors. The latest case was Kodak suing Sun Microsystems for Java IP infringements. Next to be sued is Microsoft for its use and implementation of it's own Java. Micorsoft talks about lawsuits? They are the most sued company in the world. They are even sued by many governments around the world for their monopoly. We all should worry about Microsoft's business practices and monopolies, not to mention it's security holes that lead to thousands of viruses to attack users and corporate systems that contain our personal information and privacy. Think about it. Microsoft is the security hole. Microsoft is in the way of innovation. Microsoft is ripping all it's customers with ridiculously high costs. Research their business model and you will see that Microsoft is really bad for your business.

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