Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Failed Windows XP upgrade downs 60,000 UK Government PCs

We see the Microsoft ads that go something like this: "Make a name for yourself..... Mr. 500 PCs updated in 10 minutes"
Now, the real stories are revealed all over the news.
The facts are "Mr. 60,000 Windows PCs downed with the click of a button"

How can this happen in an enterprise let alone in the UK Government?

Microsoft markets Windows as so easy to use that incompetent IT staff flood the market. Mickey mouse here pays $10,000 for a silly MCSE that is only another marketing tool for MS and that everybody can easily get. It's only about money. Any decent IT professional can tell you stories about how incompetent MCSE holders can be. Not all of course but at least smart ones will not fall into Microsoft's monopoly and greed traps. Smart IT Professional will stand firm and demonstrate their knowledge of different Operating system such as Netware, Linux, and of course windows.

Now, back to why exactly Microsoft is guilty. The reasons are many we can write books about Microsoft's flaws. However, apparently according to reports, EDS was applying a patch, patches that are release by Microsoft. They are issued to fix the previous patches that where released the day before, the week before and so on and on and on. Microsoft is patching patches on top of patches. These patches are code that makes changes to the operating system, kernel, services etc. Lately, These patches are released more and more often and they are getting bigger and bigger. Windows XP SP2 alone broke a lot of enterprise applications. Microsoft admitted that it broke at lease 50 programs. They released a patch that's supposed to fix that but now a systems security agency reported that currently after all this, there are at least 10 critical security flaws now. Do you see what's happening? Do you understand that Microsoft's practices are costing their customers money and time and agony. These are real life disasters that Microsoft is responsible for. Hell they even flew their techs,Yes they are responsible for their flawed, insecure Windows and for the monopoly they forced on IT.

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