Friday, August 25, 2006

Novell Linux 10 xgl Technology Demonstration

Novell Linux has just released this amazing technology demonstration video showing off some of the new features of their impressive operating system. While Windows Vista takes about 500MB to boot this Linux technology can run on almost any hardware. If you have ever seen Windows Vista then you will know it's extremely slow and buggy. It has been in development for nearly 5 years. This Linux technology has only been in development for about 5 months and you will notice that it's running very well. The system used was an old system with only 256MB's of ram. Windows Vista won't even boot on that. This shows that yes you can have awesome eyecandy without having to have 4 graphics cards and a Quantum computer. Linux has yet again reinvented the desktop. Linus has no reboots, not even in installation, Linux has ADM technology which means no need to install drivers anymore unless you want, Linux has SHC technology which means that if a program was to lock up it would automatically fix the program while it's running and carry on. Linux also has no spyware and virus's. Oh and it's easier to install then any Windows. So why do people still use Windows? Beats me!

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