Wednesday, October 27, 2004

SUN plays FUD

A few months ago SUN announced that they will open source Solaris and possibly Java too. Jonathan Scwartz was quoted:"Make no mistake about it, we will open source Solaris"
What a joke!, they are only interested in making headlines so that they get our attention thinking they are open source. They are NOT!
SUN has been on the offensive attacking Linux by claiming that Linux is Redhat.... And hinting that IBM could buy out Redhat. They should read the GPL. Nobody owns Linux!
They are making claims that their OS (Solaris) is the best in the world. Yeah Right....whatever.... Their loses to Linux show that they are jealous and consumers choose the best OS (Linux)!
They made business agreements with Microsoft including dealings about StarOffice/OpenOffice which leaves Linux users unprotected. Back stabers!
Finaly, they are realeasing a new version of JDS (java desktop system) based on Solaris. They renamed Linux to JAVA?!!! What gives them the right? Their actions speak louder than their lies.

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The open source & Linux community should be careful about SUN's intensions.


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